Music and Choir



Do you enjoy singing? Did you used to sing, but perhaps you haven’t sung recently? Come and give it a try.
You are most welcome to join us for our choir practices on Fridays from 7.00 – 8.00pm. (Check Calendar for dates.)

We rehearse on two Fridays each month, and we lead each Sunday’s service at 10.00 am.
There are no membership costs involved.
We are a friendly group of people, aged between 6 and 76, comprising boy and girl choristers, teenagers and adult men and women.
We sing a wide variety of church music, often in four parts, and in varying musical styles accompanied by the organ, or the digital piano or by our instrumental group.
There are also social events from time to time.
Singing is good for everyone’s well-being. It’s a relaxing exercise at the end of the week and it also enables you to meet with other people in a friendly setting.
Come and join us!

If you require any further information please contact the Director of Music Mrs Susan Bright via e-mail;

Holy Epiphany Church Choir

Our choir comprises a very friendly group of people of all ages and we warmly welcome new members. We have a “supper get together” several times each year. This provides the means for us to meet informally as well as to sing together. The ages of our choir members range from 6 – 76!!

Currently we have 23 members in our robed choir and we often sing music in four parts. We have a fairly wide repertoire of music comprising both traditional and contemporary hymns and worship songs. We sing music from Iona (John Bell) and Taize as well as music written by many contemporary composers such as Bernadette Farrell, Graham Kendrick, Margaret Rizza, Christopher Tambling, Stuart Townend, etc. We always try to maintain a good balance between singing the music from our rich heritage of church music, and the contemporary worship songs which have evolved over more recent decades.

At present we are using three different settings of the sung Eucharistic which adds variety to our sung communion services. These are rotated over two months.

The church has an excellent pipe organ and also a touch sensitive, digital piano. Therefore we can adapt the differing types of hymns/worship songs in the use of varying instrumentation for accompaniment.

We are very fortunate to have an instrumental group which accompanies the monthly Family Service. At present we have saxophones, clarinets, flutes, recorder, keyboard and drums. This differing style of accompaniment again adds a further dimension to our worship.

The Church Organ

Holy Epiphany Church has a two-manual organ, housed in a recess four metres above the north choirstalls. The organ is a wonderful instrument and it has a fine, rich tone. It has 21 ranks of pipes. The action is electro-pneumatic, and the stop action is mechanical.

It was built in 1879 by Harrison and Harrison and installed in St Mary Magdalene Church in Dundee. Henry Willis and Co moved the entire instrument, virtually unchanged, to this church in 1954.


SWELL – 8′ Oboe, 8′ Cornopean, 4′ Flute, 4′ Principal, 8′ Vox Humana, 8′ Saliconal, 8′ Diapason, 16′ Bourdon, Tremulant, Octave Coupler, Swell-to-Great Coupler, Swell-to-Pedal Coupler, Balanced Swell-Pedal.

GREAT – 8′ Trumpet, 8′ Clarinet, 2′ Fifteenth, 2-Rank Mixture, 4′ Flute, Quint, 4′ Principal, 8′ Stopped Diapason, 8′ Open Diapason, 16′ Bourdon, Great-to-Pedal Coupler.

PEDAL – 16′ Bourdon, 16′ Sub-bass, 16′ Bass

PISTONS – Six Mechanical foot pistons, 3 on Swell and 3 on Great